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Laughter, tears, nerves and beers! The moments that matter, and the moments between the moments that matter just as much! From sending out the 'Save the dates!'s to stepping out as newlyweds - your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life and a story to be told time and time again.. So, what better way than through beautiful imagery documented in a way that truly captures its timeless moments.

Through an unobtrusive documentary style of photography I spend the day with my couples, capturing it in its entirety, from morning preparations to first dance and all that falls in between. Bringing my background in fine art in to influence how I capture the details and nuances of the day, I unfold the storytelling in a way that is artistic, balanced and a truly beautiful representation of your wedding day.

There are many wedding stories out there to be told - I cant wait to tell yours!

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