The power of visual art and how it can be used to narrate a story is more profound than we realise.

South Wales born and bred, Oliver Jenkins, built his career through photographing weddings through South Wales, the UK, Europe and the USA. Winning multiple awards for his work, devotion to his clients and building a successful business and online presence, Oliver’s immersion and through ten years experience in this face paste, ever changing photography industry, the OLIVER J Preset Series was conceptualised, visualised and realised.   


As you will see throughout the collections Oliver’s style is present in all the presets with the Signature collection at the core of his style ethos - warm, earthy and rich with amber, ochre and gold being the underlying tones. Perfect for all exterior scenarios with indoor exposures needing some adjustments to the white balance(remember, nail it in camera and the presets become much more fluid in your editing workflow!).


Once purchased, the files will be delivered through download and the .xmp files are ready to be transferred to your user presets folder within Lightroom - easy! 


Give your images depth, layers and that extra factor to create visually stunning art, and memories to present to your clients to cherish for generations to come.


ANALOG - £59.00


Inspired by the original film based art form of photography. Textured, grainy and raw - it led the way for future photographers in both film and digital and still inspires today, as you can see in Oliver’s preset collection, ANALOG. 

This preset collection finds itself used in many parts of Oliver editing workflow but is more apparent in the fine art aspect of the day - the couple portraits. From deep and dramatic preset, ANALOG 05, to the rich, earth film grain in ANALOG 02 - this collection highlight nuances and brings stories to life. 

Slide the centre bar across the photos to see the preset at work!

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