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If you’re looking to get married at a beautiful holiday destination, your photography choice is of utmost importance. Your wedding will be one of the greatest days of your life, and when its setting is a stunning destination, its beauty will be breathtaking.

That’s why choosing a photographer who is experienced and passionate about creating stunning memories, is so vital! Imagine having your dream wedding in a beautiful destination, only to find that the photographs are disappointing and plain. It’s unimaginable, right?

What’s So Important About Destination Wedding Photography?


Wedding photographs are the ones you’ll show the kids. They’ll be framed and put up all over your house; they’re pieces of memories you’ll cherish forever. A photographer who can capture not just posed pictures but beautiful, candid moments on this magical day is hard to find. 

Destination photography is a step above standard wedding photography. If you choose to get married on a cliff in Italy; a vineyard in Spain; or a mountain in Austria, you are clearly a visual-minded person who wants only the most beautiful setting for your day. That means that the photographer you choose has to reflect and honour that decision, photographing not only you and your loved ones but the stunning surroundings your wedding is happening within! 

What Makes A Good Destination Wedding Photographer?


A Stunning Portfolio


If you’re a client looking for a potential photographer for your destination wedding, the best way to see whether they’re the right person for you is to view their portfolio. A beautiful, well-made portfolio selects stunning photographs from past destination weddings the photographer has worked at, showing you what they’re made of. All photographers have a unique attitude and style, so it’s important you are well matched.


Combining Portraiture and Landscape

Portrait photography is the main skill of wedding photographers. Being able to capture newlyweds at their best is a priority for all wedding photographers. But a destination wedding is more than just the guests and the couple - it’s all about the setting, too. A top destination wedding photographer will effortlessly combine portraiture and landscape photography, to capture the essence of your amazing day. 

Destination wedding photography captures the magic of place and person. It combines the beautiful elegance of the wedding ceremony with the out-of-this-world views which make the day even more spellbinding. 

The ‘Invisible Factor’

The most beautiful photographs are often captured when nobody knows they’re being taken. That’s because when your subjects are relaxed, happy and just being themselves, they look amazing on camera! Some people get nervous when they’re being photographed in a staged setting; one important skill for a wedding photographer to master is the ability to be invisible. 

In a documentary style, wedding photographers move about your chosen location with ease, taking stunning snaps of your big day while your guests party away. This quiet way of photographing your destination wedding helps people stay relaxed and focused on making gorgeous memories.

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